How It Works

Hire RemoStaff

Our support team helps you recruit RemoStaff for a fraction of the cost of Australian-based staff and we take care of all aspects of the process, from recruitment and hiring to staff management. We source the highest caliber Talent and pay fairly keeping open communication between all our staff and management.

We offer our outsourcing services that allow you to have your own employee through our company.

Our commitment is to help you find the right person to be a part of your team.


RemoStaff manages every
Step of the Process

Step 1 - Discovery

Identify the candidate profile you wish to hire. Let us know your requirements by filling out our Form.

Step 2 - Sourcing

Our highly experienced talent acquisition team will source the right Talent for you and shortlist best candidates for the interview.

Step 3 - Interview

We’ll present you with resumes, and other information that will help you make your decision. All you need to do is interview your top candidates, just as you would do as if you were recruiting local staff.

Once you make your decision, we’ll offer your preferred candidate the position!

Step 4 - Onboarding

Once the position has been accepted, we will onboard your candidate with our fast process.

Step 5 - Reporting

You can instantly access the information and reporting you need at any time. We also provide our staff and clients with time tracking tools, to ensure that everyone knows exactly how long your staff have worked. When it’s time to pay wages, your staff have full visibility of how long they have worked, and what they will get paid.

Step 6 - Invoicing

We’ll invoice you once a month in advance, and we do expect your payment within one week of invoicing. We pay their wages and your staff can rest assured they are paid on time every time, because you have paid their wages on time.

If you have a role that you would like to fill and you are not sure if it can be done successfully, feel free to contact us, and we will let you know if we can help to find you a suitable employee.

  • Reduce cost – Business Process Outsourcing is a great way to cut down costs and improve productivity. Looking at the Australian labour market, we typically reduce labour cost by 60-70%.
  • Business Grows – Enlist skilled Talent in situations where a full-time permanent hire is not the right fit (e.g. headcount restrictions, variable work pipeline, short-term projects)
  • Reduce your risk – Employ your talent under a compliant engagement structure to mitigate your risk against co-employment, casual loading leave entitlements and permanent hiring obligations.
  • Staff Satisfaction – We pay all benefits to our consultants from the first day of work which gives them confidence and fair compensation.
  • Positive offboarding – Our offboarding process ensures that as contracts end and the talent leaves your business, they remain a positive influence for your company.

No Setup Costs

No Upfront Recruitment Fees

No Hidden Extras

Transparent Fee