People-Powered Mission of RemoStaff with CEO Lyubomir Kuchuk
Date of the event: 1st of June
Christine Campbell Rapin of Evolvepreneur

Hosted by the enchanting and insightful Christine Campbell Rapin of Evolvepreneur (After Hours), let’s delve deep into the inception of Remostaff.

In this captivating interview, we take look into the extraordinary journey of Lyubomir Kuchuk, our esteemed CEO at RemoStaff, as he transitioned from a corporate career to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Lyubomir will candidly share the challenges he faced while building a people-powered business and the valuable lessons he learned along the way. Moreover, we will gain profound insights into Lyubomir’s visionary perspective on what true success looks like in the dynamic landscape of staffing solutions and HR partnerships.

At RemoStaff, our mission is to provide top-notch outsourced staffing solutions, and Lyubomir envisions expanding our client base while ensuring higher wages for our employees. As a true HR partner, RemoStaff aims to assist clients in their growth journey by offering a broader range of services and access to industry experts. Notably, our effective candidate matching system boasts an outstanding 95% success rate in finding the perfect candidates to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Enlighten yourself with this engaging interview and gain valuable insights from Lyubomir Kuchuk.

Christine Campbell Rapin

Lyubo is an experienced leader in Global Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, E-Commerce, Innovations, and Transformation. He excels in achieving results through transformative changes, innovations, and cost reductions. With strong skills in negotiation, communication, problem-solving, and time management,

Christine Campbell Rapin

Lyubo develops and implements strategies within budgets and deadlines. His business provides outsourced staffing solutions, aiming to expand their client base while ensuring higher wages for employees. Lubo envisions becoming a true HR partner, helping clients grow by offering more services and experts. Their effective candidate matching system boasts a 95% success rate in finding the right candidates for client needs.

Key Moments

Lyubo started his own business to provide better wages and working conditions for people in emerging countries who work as call center agents or virtual assistants.

Running a people-focused business comes with challenges like understanding HR issues and employees’ needs to improve their lives.

Some companies pay call center agents very low wages by taking a large cut of the rates they charge clients.