RemoStaff’s Meaningful Episode: Ventured E-Commerce for SMEs at OR 2023
Date of the event: 24th - 25th of July 2023, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm AEST (Sydney time zone)

In the vast field of the e-commerce industry, few landmarks are as pivotal as the Online Retail Conference & Expo 2023 at ICC Sydney. And we at RemoStaff, proudly announce that we have been a part of this successful event.

For starters, the OR Conference & Expo isn’t just a typical conference—it’s gathering the brightest minds in e-commerce. Covering two days of rich, curated content, attendees will be immersed in strategic insights, case studies, and marketing discussions shaping online retail’s future.

With over 130 speakers and 140 solution providers, it’s a nexus of innovation, strategy, and vision.

Being a vanguard in the Australian outsourcing arena, RemoStaff understands the nuances of online businesses. Our commitment? Delivering excellence by bridging industries with the cream of offshore talent from regions renowned for quality yet cost-effective consultancy.

Joining the OR Conference encapsulates our gaining, sharing, and evolving mission.

Our excitement isn’t just about our participation; it’s about collaboration. We have eagerly synced with other industry leaders, learned from their journeys, and discussed how outsourcing can further amplify the success of the Ecommerce industry.

If there is a single event that genuinely reflects the future of online retail, it is this one. And for a company like RemoStaff, being a part of the OR Conference & Expo 2023 is an honour.

The future is unfolding, and Remostaff is at its forefront. We’re grateful for this venture and its contribution to our journey.

We can’t wait to come back next year!

Online Retailer Conference 2023
Online Retailer is the leading conference event for Australia’s e-commerce sector. Over a span of two days, participants can explore 12 different content streams. They’ll get knowledge from real-life examples and group conversations.

Highlights of the Conference:
  • Speakers: Showcases industry leaders excelling in both local and international e-commerce business.
  • B2B Conference Track: Focuses on aiding B2B firms in the digital transition and uncovering new growth avenues.
  • Main Conference (2 Days): Features 12 tracks spotlighting top brands’ latest trends and studies.
  • Workshops & Networking: Includes sessions like the Retail Elevate, NextGen, and Selling On Amazon workshops, along with exclusive events like the Leaders Summit Breakfast and Women in Leadership Lunch.
Online Retailer Expo 2023

The Online Retailer Expo is the go-to event for tailored retail education, exhibitor showcases, and networking opportunities. Catering to a wide variety of key retailers, it offers a unique platform to connect with over 140 solution providers, explore the latest in tech and trends, and network—all without any entry fee.

Highlights of the Expo:
  • Exhibitor Directory: Delivered latest e-commerce solutions, technology, and trends.
  • Free Keynotes: Expo & Keynote pass holders get complimentary access to morning Online Retailer conference keynote sessions (exclusive to retail industry & brands).
  • Australia Post Retail Foundations Stage: Sponsored by Australia Post, this new stage will spotlight speakers from the top and professional Australian e-commerce businesses.
  • Tech Talks: Situated within the expo, these free sessions by leading solution providers delve into tech advancements and their benefits for ECommerce Businesses.
Highlights of the Expo:
  • Podcast Studio: NORA network’s live-recorded podcasts discuss the industry’s burning topics.
  • What’s On? A week of activities awaits attendees, ensuring ample networking and learning opportunities.
  • Leaders Lounge: Presented by Tryzens, this segment offers 10-minute masterclasses on Research, Personas, and more, along with a chance to interact with keynote speakers.