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RemoStaff Services

Outsourcing in business involves sending certain tasks to a team or team member overseas. You can send certain tasks such as accounting, technical and customer support, helpdesk, digital marketing and more, to a team or team member outside of your organization. It can dramatically improve your turnaround times, increase staff satisfaction, and improve your profit margins.

Companies across the world acquire talent for their businesses in two core segments.

Firstly, front office roles, being inbound customer service and Outbound Customer Service.

Secondly, back-office roles which include skills such as tech, administration and finance that don’t require a face-to-face presence.

There is no shortage of roles and tasks that can be outsourced.
Even if not listed here, RemoStaff can source and employ for your particular business.

Fast growing companies need to be able to scale quickly. Outsourcing your Back Office tasks enables you to build teams with more people and skills.

Data Entry

Virtual Assistant

Logistics and Delivery Coordinator

Outbond Sales/B2B Manager

We have experience recruiting ecommerce talent to do all repetitive tasks required to help you grow your ecommerce store and will be able to help you grow your business.

eCommerce Store Support

Shopify / WooCommerce Store Support

Logistics and Delivery Coordinator

Marketplace Coordinator

Stay on top of your finances. Hire our skilled offshore financial professionals to help you keep track of your budget, get paid, manage payables, account for sales and oversee your overall business financial status.

Accounts payable

Account Receivable

Payroll Specialist

Accountant & Bookkeeper

Deliver the service levels your customer expects. Outstanding customer support functions is a way to extent your business hours or implement 24/7 support.


Inbound Customer Support

Outbound Customer Support

Outbound Sales / B2B Manager

Webchat Customer Support

Build an outsourced team of experts to handle your Digital Marketing and improve your production flow.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Content Producer

Graphic Designer

Facebook Ad Account Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Build the right solutions for different areas of your company and integrate technology to increase operational efficiency.


WordPress / Shopify Developer

Front / Back End Developer

React / Angular / VueJs Developer

Magento Developer

IT Help Desk Support

Tech Project Manager

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